Rice University - Université PSL Strategic Partnership

Rice University
PSL Research Summit

On May 13th, 2024 Rice University and Université PSL signed a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions. Press release.

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Rice & PSL

PSL, which combines 11 of the most elite research institutes and universities in France into a single entity, brings a unique community of 2,900 world-class researchers and 140 research laboratories to the partnership, while Rice matches the same academic breadth... and excellence and adds to the mix distinct research opportunities because of its location in Houston. The coastal city, considered the most diverse metropolis in the United States, is known as the energy capital of the world and hub of energy transition. Houston is also home to the Texas Medical Center, the globe’s leading health care complex, and known for its pioneering history and leadership in space exploration and industry.

PSL and Rice University

Rice-PSL Summit Dates and Times

May 13, 2024 | 3:00pm - 8:00pm - Rice Global Paris Center

Welcome and Introductory speeches from:

- Caroline Levander (Vice-President for Global, Rice University)
- Jennifer Heurley (Vice-President International Affairs, Université PSL)
- Reginald DesRoches, President of Rice University
- Alain Fuchs, President of Université PSL

Keynote Speeches in Summit Research Themes:

Energy & Climate:
- Carrie Masiello (Prof., Biogeochemistry, Dir. Sustainability Institute, Rice)
- Annie Colin (ESPCI Paris - PSL, directrice IPGG)

Health & Medicine:
- Luay Nakleh (Dean of Engineering, Rice)
- Terrence Strick (Director Graduate Program “life sciences”, ENS-PSL, IBENS)

Computing & Quantum Technologies:
- Randy Hulet (Prof, Physics, Rice)
- Carlo Sirtori (Prof ENS-PSL, Director Master’s degree Quantum Engineering)

Urban Futures:
- Rachel Kimbro (Dean of Social Sciences, Rice)
- Perig Pitrou (College de France)

MOU Signing and Reception

May 14, 2024 | 9:00Am - 6:00pm - Rice Global Paris Center

Breakout sessions in:

- Energy & Climate
- Health & Medicine
- Computing & Quantum Technologies
- Urban Futures

Closing Remarks

- Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Executive Vice President for Research, Rice University
- Arnaud Tourin, Vice President for Research, Sciences and Society, PSL University