University Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

Showcase - Rice Architecture Paris

  • Clausthal University of Technology (TUC), Gemany
  • University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Ecole Centrale Paris, France
  • The University of Toulouse, France
  • Karoly Robert College, Hungary
  • University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy
  • Petroleum Research School of Norway (NFiP), Norway
  • Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Spain

Student Exchange Agreements

  • University of Bristol, England
  • Ecole Centrale Paris, France
  • Institut D’Etudes Politiques, Paris, France
  • Universite de Bourgogne, France
  • Irish Consortium of Universities, Ireland
  • University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy
  • L’ERSU di Palermo (University of Palermo), Italy
  • Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), Spain
  • University of Groningen, The Netherlands

International Collaborations/Joint Academic Activities

  • Le Cabinet Peltier Avocats
  • University of Calabria, Italy